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Architectural Sheet Metal, Inc. is a commercial standing seam metal roof contractor. 

At the heart of our sheet metal shop is the Autobrake 2000. It has the capability of

producing flashing, trim, gutter(including half-round) and downspouts, by

automatically positioning the metal to an accuracy of +/- .005" by the computer

controlled automatic gauge.

In the field, our on-site architectural panel fabrication roll-formers produce preformed

standing seam metal roof panels either straight, convex, or concave curved with a

minimum radius of three feet. Our structural preformed standing seam roof panels

are suitable for installation over either solid sheathing or open framing(up to 5'-0"

spacing). Panels can be either snap-lock style or mechanically seamed double

lock/full 'Pittsburgh' seam. 

Along with our roof panel roll-formers, we have flush wall and soffit panel

roll-formers that produce smooth flat surface panels with concealed fasteners,

which can be vented or non-vented. Completing our roll-former line is our portable

7" continuous/seamless box gutter roll-former. The large 7" trough is capable of

handling the high volumes of water that are typically found draining from large roofs.

As a complement to the above, we have several welders, forklifts, man baskets,

Rustco work platform, slitter, and shears, all with relevant equipment and necessary

miscellaneous tools. 

We are certified installers of: